American Airlines Complimentary Gift

I have been a huge advocate for United Airlines over the years. Starting with the United Airlines credit card and even acquiring MileagePlus Platinum elite status. In the years that have followed, I found myself flying other airlines, most notably, Delta and American Airlines. The main reason for the change was United Airlines changed from their “flat rate” award ticket redemption to a need based one. This means it will cost passengers more miles to book a ticket, in any class, to a travel hotspot. This is something I did not appreciate at all.

I have been slowly getting immersed in American Airlines culture, rewards, and overall brand. The top notch service received a regional flight from Wichita Falls to the birthday flight from Los Angeles have served as highlights.

To the point, I received a “holiday gift” from American Airlines a few weeks ago. The gift, shared in some part by all American AAdvantage members, from the airline was delivered in an email. The message read:

As an American Airlines AAdvantage member, you are why we fly, and you are our greatest gift — this year, and every year. To celebrate the holiday season and close out 2020, we’re giving a complimentary gift to all AAdvantage members. It’s our way of saying thank you for your loyalty and letting us be a part of your future travel plans, wherever they may take you. 

Log in to reveal your holiday gift from us and register to claim it by December 16 — it’ll be waiting in your wallet. 

We look forward to seeing you on board again soon, and we’re wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

I logged into my AAdvantage account to register for the gift which ended up being two 500 mile upgrades and a single car class upgrade with Avis car rentals.

The airline did, however, use the opportunity to get more passengers on flights. This is understandable after the travel industry took a major hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. Passengers were able to earn 4 more 500 mile upgrades and 500 AAdvantage miles after booking four qualifying flights after January 1, 2021. This made me think…does my award flight from a few days ago count towards the four flights? More to come…

I received the two 500 mile upgrades less than 24 hours after registering. The two upgrades may not much to many travelers, but it adds to my excitement for the year to come.

Final Word

I cannot wait to put the two 500 mile upgrades to use. Who knows, I might be able to get the additional upgrades and bonus miles before the first quarter of the year is over. If not, at least the offer is attached to my account.

Did any of you receive a similar offer from American Airlines?

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